Object Storage

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Support Static Websites

Object Storage Features

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High Availability

Store Critical Data

Object Storage is ideal for hosting static websites. Easily deploy a site and manage content without maintaining your own infrastructure.

Linode Object Storage is highly available and durable. Objects are replicated across servers so they’re always accessible even if one of the servers goes offline.

Object Storage is the best choice for data that doesn’t change often. Store backup files, database dumps, logs, and massive data sets. All accessible over the Internet via a URL.

Choose the right plan for your workload

Nanode & Standard Plans

Dedicated CPU



A balance of power and performance ranging from 1GB to 192GB of RAM. Starting at $5/mo.**

For applications that require more CPU power. Plans start at 4GB and scale up to 96GB.

Support for maximum RAM configurations. Instances start at 24GB of RAM for $60/mo.

Managed Kubernetes Clusters.
Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) coming soon. 

We offer a range of instance types for any application, from simple web hosting to cpu-intensive video encoding to high workload machine learning and more.

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* No per-operation fee, free inbound traffic, outbound traffic works against your transfer pool and beyond that is $0.02/GB. If you  have no active Linodes on your account, outbound traffic will cost $0.02 per GB . **Plus taxes where applicable


S3 compatible storage for your backup, big data, and data archiving needs.

$5/mo. for 250GB of Storage*

$0.02/GB additional over 250GB

Storing and accessing data with object storage does not require the use of a Linode instance.

No Linodes Required