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•  Gain control over your site
•  Create a customized web server
•  Use more plugins and web technologies

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If you #wordpress #developers need some hosting that is more meaty then check out Linode. It's served us well.

Over 400,000 Customers Trust the Linode Platform

I can't stress enough how @linode, @gitlab, and @stripe have made my life in the past 2 years MUCH MUCH easier.

Alan Son

Aly Badawy

The Benefits of Hosting on a Linode

Better Performance

No Noisy Neighbors

Control Over Your Server

We offer the fastest hardware and network in the industry.

Choose what software and scripting language you want to use.

A guaranteed allotment of system resources just for you.

A Linode server gives you a lot more power and flexibility than a shared web host.

Configuring a highly available WordPress installation.

Install and optimize the WordPress blogging and content management system on your Linode.

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Run the Apps You Want

Specialized Security

Run monitoring applications like Monit, Graphite and Grafana

Deploy in Node.js or Go. Containerize with Docker or Vagrant. Develop with Rails.

Scalable Environments

You can easily scale your Linode to handle increases in traffic.

How to Install and Configure WordPress

by Elle Krout

WordPress is a popular, dynamic, blog-focused content management system. The software is built upon a LAMP or LEMP stack and features an extensive plugin framework and theme system, which allows site owners and developers to deploy easy-to-use and powerful publishing tools.

Before You Begin

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Migrate from Shared Hosting to Linode

Monday, December 21st, 2015

by Linode

This guide walks you through migrating your website from a shared hosting provider to a Linode running a LAMP stack. A Linode server gives you much more power and flexibility than a shared host, but these advantages come at the cost of increased complexity and responsibility.

The biggest change between shared hosting and Linode’s cloud is that with Linode you have full administrative access to the server without intervention. This means that solely you will be responsible for keeping your software updated and your valuable data ba...

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•  SSD Storage

•  40Gbit Network

•  Intel E5 Processors

It's been a while since I checked in on @Linode but holy cow, the performance and price compared to EC2 is ridiculously good.

Over 400,000 Customers Trust the Linode Platform

@linode another reason why you guys are awesome. So much more control and customization that others don't give you.


Alan Jesser