Linode Kubernetes Engine

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Linode Kubernetes Engine

You can now deploy managed Kubernetes clusters on Linode. Sign up with your name and email, and we’ll let you know as reach general availability.

LKE Features

Complex infrastructure doesn’t need complex tools. Using our Cloud Manager, CLI, or integrated open source tooling, you can configure, provision, and manage your Kubernetes clusters in a few easy steps.

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Now in Beta

Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) is a fully-managed container orchestration engine for deploying and managing containerized applications and workloads. LKE combines Linode’s ease of use and efficient pricing with the infrastructure efficiency of Kubernetes, so you can get your infrastructure and workloads up and running in minutes instead of days.

CNCF Certified

Easily deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters

Enjoy maximum efficiency from your resources

Automatically get the most out of your resources. Kubernetes seamlessly redistributes containers across your cluster to ensure you get the most efficient output from your resource

Deploy popular apps using Helm charts, Operators, and Controllers

Harness the strong open source ecosystem of Kubernetes tooling. LKE supports integration with many popular K8s related tools such as Rancher, Helm, Operators, and more.

Linode is certified as part of the CNCF Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program. This means your Linode Kubernetes workloads conform to portability standards and you'll always have access to the latest updates and features. Linode is a silver sponsor of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), where Kubernetes is a Graduated Project.

Linode Kubernetes Pricing

LKE pricing will include only the resources that you consume — Linodes, NodeBalancers, and Volumes. Your cluster’s master services are free of charge.

Learn more about Kubernetes with our Getting Started Guide.

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