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Data Center Features

Linode's newest data center in Mumbai is ready for customers. Sign up now and launch your cloud instance in seconds. 

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Linode India will feature our standard pricing model.* This means SSD servers start at $5/mo.

Nanode, Standard, Dedicated CPU, and High-Memory plans will all be available in Linode India.

All the standard Linode add-on products, services, and features will be available to customers.

Choose the right plan for your workload

Nanode & Standard Plans

Dedicated CPU



A balance of power and performance ranging from 1GB to 192GB of RAM. Starting at $5/mo.*

For applications that require more CPU power. Plans start at 4GB and scale up to 96GB.

Support for maximum RAM configurations. Instances start at 24GB of RAM for $60/mo.

Managed Kubernetes Clusters.
Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) coming soon. 

We offer a range of instance types for any application, from simple web hosting to cpu-intensive video encoding to high workload machine learning and more.

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*plus taxes where applicable